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Everything is subject to breakage. Technics and equipment fail, despite their quality, as well as measures taken to maintain the operability of the machines. Equipment insurance, together with INSON, is an effective protection for high-value machines, mechanical equipment and installations. The policy will allow you to compensate for the financial damage to the company that owns the equipment in the event of an insured event without unnecessary effort and time-consuming.

You can insure any equipment of the enterprise:

  • Equipment used in production, trade, construction and other sectors of the economy (machines, machine tools, conveyor installations, pumps, generators, medical, electrical equipment, etc.)
  • Serviceable equipment that complies with technical documentation, which passed tests in accordance with the procedure established by law

The policy insures you against unforeseen and sudden damage or loss of insured machines and equipment as a result of the following reasons:

  • fire, lightning strike, gas explosion, water damage during fire extinguishing
  • natural disasters
  • damage to property by water from water supply, sewage, heating and fire-fighting systems
  • theft with illegal entry and robbery
  • Energy overloads, overheating, vibration, dislocation
  • Jamming, blockage by foreign objects, centrifugal forces, material fatigue
  • Impact of electricity in the form of an electric short circuit, power overload, voltage drop
  • Unintentional personnel errors during use and maintenance
  • Explosion of steam boilers, internal combustion engines, other energy sources
  • Effects of low temperatures
  • Broken cables and chains, falling insured items, hitting them on other items
  • Errors in design, construction and calculations
  • Errors in manufacturing and installation
  • Defects casting or used material

Advantages of this program is the ability to insure specific risks to which the electronics are exposed, such as power surges or errors by the operating personnel.

Insurance coverage is not applied to objects (parts, parts) with a short period of life, requiring regular replacement, or their service life is much shorter than the service life of the equipment itself.

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