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You can recognize our insurance organization by the previous names" Sug'urta Uz "and" Tashkent Insurance Group ".

In 2010, we started our activities in the insurance market in Uzbekistan.

Having strengthened our market position and established ourselves as a reliable partner that fulfills its obligations, we decided to revise our positioning in the market.

In 2020, our organization has received a new name INSON. The main reason for our changes was the goal to increase the insurance and financial literacy of the population.


The current license for the implementation of voluntary insurance for all 17 classes in the general insurance industry.

The rating agency Ahbor-Reyting LLC confirms the assignment of a solvency rating on the national scale of the UzA+ level "VERY HIGH" with a forecast of "stable".


The INSON insurance company provides all types of property interest insurance services for:

- Individuals of the Republic of Uzbekistan

- Legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan

- Non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan


We create a better future by providing high quality insurance services. We build open and honest communications in an atmosphere of trust both within the company and in relationships with clients. We choose a new service approach and strive to improve the insurance and financial literacy of the population.

High professionalism, efficiency, individual approach to the customer, competence, initiative and responsibility of its employees have a decisive influence on the stable development of INSON.