Cargo insurance

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What do we insure against?

Insure your cargo together with a policy from the insurance company INSON. This policy is designed for the owners of goods and cargo and allows you to compensate for losses associated with damage or loss of cargo, regardless of the presence or absence of the carrier's fault.

  • Fire or explosion
  • Grounding, being stranded, sinking or capsizing a vessel or barge
  • Aircraft crash, overturning or derailment of a land vehicle
  • Collision of a vehicle with any external object
  • Missing vehicle without a trace
  • Unloading cargo at a distress port or location disasters
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, hurricane, flood and other natural disasters
  • Wave washout or overboard
  • Seawater penetration
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Cargo insurance 
Insure your cargo along with a policy from the INSON insurance company. This policy is designed for the owners of goods and cargo.
Vehicle insurance
Insure your car with INSON and provide yourself with financial protection in the event of an accident, theft, fire or any other event.
Travel insurance
INSON TRAVEL is financial protection against risks while staying in another country. This will be the guarantor of your peace of mind.
Salom Kushni
Insurance policy "Salom Kushni!" is a solution that will allow you to maintain friendly relations among the residents of the whole house.

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